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Saturday April 12th, In the Mentoring Room, Is Skills Improvement Day -


There will be a mentoring session from 9:00 until noon Saturday April 12.  If you will attend there will be turning, sharpening and safety training or if you have a specific skill you need to learn please advise Jim Oates at oatesjim @comcast.net

Last time we got into bowl turning and had a session on different ways to mount a bowl blank on the lathe and one mount not to use.  We also did some additional sharpening on gouges. 


The Next Meeting is Tuesday April 15th —at 7:00 pm

TOOL NIGHT. We need everyone to bring their favorite tools. Matters not if it a commercial or homemade tool. I know there are some amazing items that our turners have made that are cheaper and just as functional as any store bought ones.
    TOOL NIGHT will also be TOOL NIGHT SALE. Bring any tool that you don’t use anymore and try to sell them at the meeting. Another member very well could use them. The club asks for a 20% donation of the sales to go to the club treasure. It should be a great deal for everyone.

Vacuum chuck system demonstrated at the meeting on 3/25/14 - pdf

If you are buying tools, check out the list of vendors at the bottom of the Resources page.

Crhistmas party Pictures

The Central Virgina Woodturners (CVW), located in Shenandoah Valley in Crimora, VA, is an affiliate of the American Association of Woodturners, serving turners from Charlottesville to Staunton to Harrisonburg.

CVW exists to serve its members who are hobbyists, amateurs, craftsmen and professionals. We enjoy a commonality of interest and provide each other knowledge, information, assistance and encouragement in developing and refining our woodturning skills.

Monthly meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, at the Crimora Community Center. Meeting schedules, location, and changes found on the Calendar page.

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Visitors are always welcome.

The Club Wood Store Prices

The Wood Store committee would like to make the following changes:

Pricing of wood:

  1. Bowl Blanks – all wood species - minimum was $3 recommending $2
  2. Logs – all wood species - was $5 recommending $3
  3. Half Logs – all wood species - was $5 recommending $3
  4. Squares and Spindle Blanks – all wood species - was $2 recommending $1
  5. Slabs – all wood species -was $3 recommending $1